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Acclaim for Paul and his new album

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A LITTLE THUNDER, Paul’s new album came out this year. Please read some of the comments from the pros..

Selected REVIEWS FOR PAUL AND Little Thunder

Standing ovation




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PM live

“A fabulous album..”

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“Paul is by himself in this musical landscape, and with his unique charisma and songwriting he creates highlight after highlight”.

“The result is one of the most beautiful albums of its genre..A heartfelt recommendation.”

“a voice that gives deep shivers, and a total mastery in touching the piano keys, creating a perfect atmosphere… a perfect mix of ballads, swing, jazz and blues of rare beauty”

“Paul Millns has his own important place in the character of blues. Rough and full of soul, the voice that sounds like cigarettes and whiskey cleverly carries the lyrics, the wisdom of life, insights and melancholy.”




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The highlight this year will be Paul’s celebration concerts for his 75th birthday.

They will take place once again in Germany on 28/29/30 August, in the beautiful Schloss Goseck, near Leipzig and Naumburg.

It will be followed by the UK concert in London on September 1st in the Half Moon Putney.

Paul will be playing all those gigs with his regular band and special musical guests.

Meanwhile, the first concert of the year is a return to Homburg, Germany.

FEBRUARY 7th     66424 HOMBURG  20.00. Christian von Mannlich-Gymnasium,         Hiltebrandstr. 1.   with BAND

Paul’s New Album is out ! Listen here

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Listen here some of the songs of Paul’s New Album “A LITTLE THUNDER” !

The album features vivid and poetic songs of life [Breathing in and Breathing out], love [The only Dance that matters]

alcohol [Drink up People],

death [Too soon]

and reaction to contemporary politics [God save the Self Doubters].



1  Drink Up People
2  The only dance that matters
3  Weather for the blues
4  She’s flying today
5  If I were you I’d leave me
6  God’s little mistake
7  A little thunder
8  My father’s son
9 Breathing in and breathing out
10 God save the self doubters
11 Too soon
12 Drunk again
13 The first smile
14 Last love