Paul’s first studio album for five years is now available.

A LITTLE THUNDER is a collection of fourteen of his new songs performed with that inimitable bluesy voice and piano, together with some top musicians.
The album features vivid and poetic songs of life [Breathing in and Breathing out], love [The only Dance that matters], alcohol [Drink up People], death [Too soon] and reaction to contemporary politics [God save the Self Doubters].
Recorded again in Ingo Rau’s Amps Factory Studios in Freiburg, it features regular musicians Ingo on bass, Butch Coulter on harmonica and guitar, and Vladi Kempf on drums. Musical guests include Nick Pentelow on saxophones, Uwe Metzler on guitar, Andreas Millns on Hammond organ and Gudrun Walther from Cara on violin.
Paul brings his long experience and soulful touch to every song. A rare mix of ballads, swing and blues, A LITTLE THUNDER is a rich musical tapestry.

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Paul’s new live album from his outstanding 70th birthday concert at the beautiful castle of Goseck in Germany.

Paul and his band and special guests on top form, with 600 followers…and a full moon !

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Paul’s new album is available from November 19th, 2013. Called GONE AGAIN, it is an album of twelve new songs all written by Paul in the last two years.
Recorded earlier this year in Ingo Rau’s Freiburg studio, it was produced by Paul and Ingo [who has done an outstanding job with the audio quality]. As well as being available here through the website, it is released by Rakete Records [], and of course at Paul’s concerts.
From the almost Nashville atmosphere of “Gone again” and ” A little Painkilling”, to the blues soaked “Distillery Street” and “Close Companion of the Blues”, via the jazzy “Love in the times of Hardship”, this is surely one of the most varied albums Paul has recorded.
All of the basic tracks were recorded live in just a few days, and this gives a very organic feel to the album, graced by wonderful contributions by Paul’s regular musicians, Ingo Rau -bass, Vladi Kempf – drums, Butch Coulter – guitar and harmonica.
Friends and guests include Nick Pentelow on saxophones and clarinet, Paul’s son Andreas on Hammond organ, Niels Kaiser on guitar, and Steve Bailey on violin. Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Tobias Kunzel also sing on the title track GONE AGAIN.

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GONE AGAIN – special edition CD + VYNIL

LP: Audiophile edition pressed on 180gram virgin vinyl
limited to 500 units worldwide
includes CD of full album
printed inner sleeve with all lyrics

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Recorded in February 2012 in Geneva, with many of his greatest songs performed with the band in scintillating form. The concert took place in an intimate and warm atmosphere in front of a great audience, and this album will surely fulfill fans’ consistent demands to have a live performance on CD

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