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A new lockdown Video…

In the new year the lockdown is going on longer than we expected, so we’ll be posting some more home videos from the band, and still hope to see you on the road later in the year. Here’s an old song HAPPY GO LUCKY JOE, we love to play on stage. Best wishes to you all from myself, Butch Coulter on harmonica, Ingo Rau on bass, Vladi Kempf on drums, and Kathi Decker with the video recording.

Keep safe, Paul


Newest VIDEOS (May 2021)

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TWO new videos of Paul singing Happy Go lucky Joe and The Beauty of the High Wire Dancer + six videos of Paul singing specially home recorded videos of “Love in the times of hardship”, “Home for the weekend”, “Lovely Day, “Down in the Danger Zone”, “World on your shoulders”, “A Little Thunder”, as companion songs for these difficult times. Stay safe and healthy in body and soul.”

Hi all, hope you’re surviving ok, hope to see you on the road as soon as possible.
Here’s a new video version of ‘The Beauty of the High Wire Dancer’, together with Ingo Rau on bass and accordian, and Butch Coulter on guitar. Sound mix by Ingo, video by Kathi Decker.
Keep safe, Paul








“The Only Dance That Matters”…

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Another lockdown video from Paul and Band, it´s an autumnal kind of song. THE ONLY DANCE THAT MATTERS with Paul Millns, Butch Coulter on guitar and Ingo Rau on bass and accordion. Video edited by Kathi Decker and mixed by Ingo. Enjoy and keep safe. Till soon.

“A Little Thunder” songs and reviews

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Listen here some of the songs of Paul’s Album “A LITTLE THUNDER” !

The album features vivid and poetic songs of life [Breathing in and Breathing out], love [The only Dance that matters]

alcohol [Drink up People],

death [Too soon]

and reaction to contemporary politics [God save the Self Doubters].

1  Drink Up People
2  The only dance that matters
3  Weather for the blues
4  She’s flying today
5  If I were you I’d leave me
6  God’s little mistake
7  A little thunder
8  My father’s son
9 Breathing in and breathing out
10 God save the self doubters
11 Too soon
12 Drunk again
13 The first smile
14 Last love

A LITTLE THUNDER, Paul’s new album came out this year. Please read some of the comments from the pros..

Selected REVIEWS FOR PAUL AND Little Thunder



Paul’s first live DVD

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Paul’s first live DVD is now available at live concerts and through the website. read more