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Tour Dates updated

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we have now updated the Tour Dates for the autumn season and look forward to the new venues

Gone again

[2013] Rakete Medien GmbH

ads_gone-again-paul-millnsPaul’s new album is available from November 19th, 2013. Called GONE AGAIN, it is an album of twelve new songs all written by Paul in the last two years.
Recorded earlier this year in Ingo Rau’s Freiburg studio, it was produced by Paul and Ingo [who has done an outstanding job with the audio quality].

From the almost Nashville atmosphere of “Gone again” and ” A little Painkilling”, to the blues soaked “Distillery Street” and “Close Companion of the Blues”, via the jazzy “Love in the times of Hardship”, this is surely one of the most varied albums Paul has recorded.


CD 1

Track 1. A Little Painkilling

Track 2. Love Don’t Have To Be Like This

Track 3. Gone Again

Track 4. Distillery Street

Track 5. Beauty Of The High Wire Dancer

Track 6. Close Companion Of The Blues

Track 7. City Boy

Track 8. Love In The Times Of Hardship

Track 9. Odd Job John

Track 10. Tangled Up In Stars

Track 11.Capsized

Track 12.Crazy With Love



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Live in Geneva

[2012] PMP / PHIL WICK

A live review of  Paul’s greatest songs in Geneva, Switzerland, produced by Phil Wick and mixed by Ingo Rau at his Amps Factory Studios in Freiburg.

With the outstanding contributions from the Band’s musicians Butch Coulter (harmonica and guitar), Ingo Rau (bass), Vladi Kempf (drums)




CD 1

Track 1. Dust off that pianoforte

Track 2. Lovely day

Track 3. Undercover man

Track 4. The moon might know

Track 5. Nobody home

Track 6. Slippery Sam

Track 7. History of a kiss

Track 8. Happy go lucky Joe

Track 9. The way of the world

 CD 2

Track 1. Calling all clowns

Track 2. That perfume

Track 3. Stuck in a bar

Track 4. Put on a sunny hat

Track 5. Last train blues

Track 6. Gasoline heart

Track 7. Baby what you want me to do (J Reed)

Track 8. When love comes calling


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