Great Tour with KuK

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Paul has just returned from an incredibly successful tour in Germany with KuK, the band formed by songwriter Heinz Rudolf Kunze and Tobias Kunzel of Die Prinzen. The band featured Paul on keyboards, also Christof Stein-Schneider on guitar, and Peter Pichl on bass.
Taking in concerts in ten cities, although weather conditions were freezing, they played each night to crowds of up to 800 people. The audience reception was universally outstanding, including Paul’s solo spot each night, where he played ‘Undercover man’ with the band, and’When love comes calling’ with Heinz and Tobias singing harmonies.
Paul commented, ” it was a different but great experience for me, working with some fine musicians and lovely people too.” Plans are afoot for repeat performances.”








Photo ” KuK band taking a bow, Paul, Heinz, Tobias, Christof and Peter “