[2006] ACOUSTIC MUSIC RECORDS, Europe release
An album of all new compositions also recorded in Ingo Rau’s Amps Factory Studio in Freiburg Germany. It features Nick Pentelow on saxophones, Ingo on upright bass, Vladi Kempf on drums, Steven Bailey on acoustic guitar, Butch Coulter on harmonica, and Daniela Dieterich on violin. Now available through website. UK release date September 2007 on Proper Records.



Track 1. History of a Kiss
Track 2.  Undercover Man
Track 3. One Rainy Sunday
Track 4. Dust Off That Old Pianoforte
Track 5. No Donkey Ride
Track 6. So Long Sleepyhead
Track 7. Back In Your Mainstream
Track 8. Golden Boy
Track 9. Shallow Man
Track 10. Singles Night
Track 11. Stuck In a Bar
Track 12. Hang My Heart Out On the Line
Track 13. The Waiting Game