Calling all clowns

11 new songs and one standard, co-produced by Ingo Rau in his Amps Factory Studios in Freiburg.

With contributions from Ingo Rau (bass), Vladi Kempf (drums), Butch Coulter (harmonica), Nick Pentelow (sax), Ralph McTell (Ac. guitar), Niels Kaiser (guitar) and Daniela Dietrich (violin).



Track 1. That Perfume
Track 2.  Calling All Clowns
Track 3. Weather of the Heart
Track 4. Falling for You
Track 5.  Put on a Sunny Hat
Track 6. The Moon Might Know
Track 7. Blame It on You
Track 8. London in the Rain
Track 9.  The Way of the World
Track 10. Homing in on You
Track 11. Slippery Sam
Track 12. My Funny Valentine