Impressions of Paul’s Concert

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by Manfred W Juergens, the great painter’s photos of the celebration event in Goseck.  Click to see the photos.


The moon, the castle, the audience, the band

The moon, the castle, the audience, the band


the piano cake

The band and the audience



the bowing


Standing ovation

Paul’s party cool off after the gig!




Paul and Robert



Butch on stage


Old enough, Band and Robert





Waiting for the concert





Robert Weinkauf announcing band








Backstage on castle terrace

Backstage before concert


Birthday breakfast


Final solo encore,12.30 am


Butch on guitar



Moon over Goseck

Ingo on stage

Kati Naumann,Tobias Kunzel and Paul backstage

Manfred Malzahn and Paul backstage

Nick on stage

Dr Rythm – Vladi Kempf

Vladi on stage

Vladi on stage 2

Tobias Kunzel

Tobias Kunzel on drums – Undercover Man

Tobias and Delle Kriese

To the river

The bowing 2

the arrival of Luisa’s piano cake

Paul, Birger Claussen, Butch, backstage

Paul on stage

Paul live

Paul and present of microphone

Nick Pentelow in action

Andreas on stage 2

Andreas backstage

Andreas and Lucy

Andreas and Lucy backstage

Amarcord singing When love comes calling

After concert party

After concert party 2