Vladi Kempf


Vladi KempfBorn in Poland, where he played drums with top band LOMBARD touring all over Europe. He also worked with guitarist JAN ACKERMAN, original member of the Dutch group FOCUS.

He moved to the West in 1987, and now lives in Freiburg in the south west of Germany.

Now one of the most sought-after drummers in Europe, he plays with bands like HIGH JINX with RAY AUSTIN, The CADILLAC BLUES BAND, and American bluesmen JIM KAHR, GUITAR-CRUSHER SMITH, JUNIOR WELLS, and Canadian singer MARTY HALL.

His association with the music of PAUL MILLNS goes back to the early ’90’, and he still tours with Paul and his band.  He has appeared on all Paul’s albums since ”UNSUNG HEROES” till the latest ”CALLING ALL CLOWNS” .