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Composed by Paul after the paintings of Jurg Gabele. Performed by the Orchestra and Choir of Novosibirsk State Opera and Ballet Theatre. Conductor Alexey Ludmillin.




Track 1. Rising of the Papillons
Track 2-3. Entry
Track 4. Arrival
Track 5-7. Transformations – River and Tree
Track 8. Transformations – Meadow
Track 9-10. Conflict
Track 11-12 Pas de Deux
Track 13-14. The Gathering
Track 15-16. The Final Journey
Track 17. Passing Over

When love comes calling

Produced and arranged by Paul, with help from Ingo Rau and Mike Moran. Mainly recorded, mixed and mastered in AMPS Factory Studios, Freiburg.



Track 1. When Love Comes Calling 3.56
Track 2. What’s She Doing Now 4.06
Track 3. Home For The Weekend 4.03
Track 4. Forget Her 4.00
Track 5. Gasoline Heart 4.11
Track 6. Happy Go Lucky Joe 3.34
Track 7. World On Your Shoulders 4.51
Track 8. Unwelcome Neighbour 3.58
Track 9. Lovely Day 3.37
Track 10. ‘Till The Morning Comes 5.17
Track 11. Old enough 3.56
Track 12. Daddy Don’t Come Home 3.32
Track 13. Don’t Wait To Long 5.02
Track 14. Following Footsteps 3.43
Track 15. Who Can Really Tell 4.03
Track 16. Play on 2.56

Stories I could tell

Fresh and sparkling solo recordings of Paul’s
classic songs from the eighties, now hard to find. It also includes some compositions never heard before – plus a version of Screaming Jay Hawkins ‘ I put a spell on you’.




Track 1. Katya 4.36
Track 2. Down in the Danger Zone 3.46
Track 3. All none the wiser 4.23
Track 4. Man overboard 5.55
Track 5. Ooh Last Night 3.58
Track 6. finally Falls the Rain 4.31
Track 7. Dark-Eyed girl from the Island 4.01
Track 8. That Midnight Run 4.31
Track 9. Secret Operations 3.56
Track 10. Martha 5.58
Track 11. No one Listens to the night
Track 12. Far out to sea Tonight 3.09
Track 13. Nobody Home 4.07
Track 14. Desperate Heart 3.34
Track 15. Last Train Blues 5.12
Track 16. stories I could Tell 4.50
Track 17. I Put a Spell on You 2.52


Paul’s eleventh CD contains 15 new songs recorded in Freiburg, Germany, using all acoustic instruments, with contributions from harmonica player Butch Coulter, Steve Bailey on acoustic guitar and fiddle, Ray Austin on trumpet and daughter Nina Millns on back up vocals on ‘Whats she doing now’. It was released in Europe in 2001 and the reviews have been excellent.


Track 1. Old enough 3.53
Track 2. Home for the weekend 4.01
Track 3. World on your shoulders 4.49
Track 4. Poodle Avenue 3.57
Track 5. Gasoline heart 4.06
Track 6. Wind from the east 5.46
Track 7. Another sunset ride 4.32
Track 8. Following footsteps 3.40
Track 9. Happy go lucky joe 3.33
Track 10. Saying it back 3.40
Track 11. Who can really tell 3.49
Track 12. What’s she doing now 4.02
Track 13. Demolition kid 2.48
Track 14. Halfway happy home 3.33
Track 15. Play on 2.55

Unsung heroes

Album of all new compositions released on Acoustic Music Records in February 1998 in Germany, subsequently in Italy and UK .





Track 1. The last but the time 3.47
Track 2. Sleeping by the telephone 4.36
Track 3. Forget her 3.58
Track 4. Do you know how it is 4.34
Track 5. Daddy, Don’t come home 3.20
Track 6. Rats on your tail 4.18
Track 7. You will rise again 3.16
Track 8. Dirty work 4.27
Track 9. Lovely day 3.27
Track 10. Forbidden kisses 4.00
Track 11. Free delivery of the blues 5.00
Track 12. No play today 3.36

Against the tide

Featuring thirteen new songs and superb contributions from Bert Jansch, Ralph McTell, Christine Collister and members of Pentangle and Fairport Convention




Track 1. Drive she said 5.08
Track 2. When love comes come calling 3.44
Track 3. Unwelcome neighbour 4.01
Track 4. Rise and shine 3.33
Track 5. Don’t wait too long 5.46
Track 6. No one on the streets 4.00
Track 7. God save the self-doubter 4.46
Track 8. She like the rain 3.19
Track 9. Watching the dinosaurs 4.34
Track 10. Highway eyes 3.40
Track 11. Dark water 5.30
Track 12. Back on your bike boy 3.24
Track 13. The meaning of the word 4.52


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Ingo Rau


Ingo Rau

Born in Karlsruhe, Germany, studied bass and drums. He started playing professionally in the German band EAT AMPS ALIVE in 1991 and they recorded four hit albums.Since then he has been the owner, producer and engineer in a recording studio in Freiburg/Germany where Paul has recorded his last 6 albums since UNSUNG HEROES. He also engineered and produced albums in Recording Studios in Oslo, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo, New York. Additionally he engineered LIVE concerts all over the world.

While working there Ingo has recorded albums and engineered Live Concerts by other artists like MARCUS MILLER, MACEO PARKER, CHICO FREEMAN, AL DI MEOLA, NILS LANDGREN, CANDY DULFER and many others. He recently played bass on Paul’s recent albums including the latest ”CALLING ALL CLOWNS” and tours regularly in Europe with Paul’s band.


Vladi Kempf


Vladi KempfBorn in Poland, where he played drums with top band LOMBARD touring all over Europe. He also worked with guitarist JAN ACKERMAN, original member of the Dutch group FOCUS.

He moved to the West in 1987, and now lives in Freiburg in the south west of Germany.

Now one of the most sought-after drummers in Europe, he plays with bands like HIGH JINX with RAY AUSTIN, The CADILLAC BLUES BAND, and American bluesmen JIM KAHR, GUITAR-CRUSHER SMITH, JUNIOR WELLS, and Canadian singer MARTY HALL.

His association with the music of PAUL MILLNS goes back to the early ’90’, and he still tours with Paul and his band.  He has appeared on all Paul’s albums since ”UNSUNG HEROES” till the latest ”CALLING ALL CLOWNS” .