New album of soundtrack music


My soundtrack music to Jan Leman’s wonderful BBC film JLB THE MAN WHO SAW THE FUTURE, [the fascinating story of John Logie Baird], has just been released on […]

Lockdown… watch VIDEOS

Paul close portrait 2

FIVE videos of Paul singing specially home recorded videos of “Love in the times of hardship”, “Home for the weekend”, “Lovely Day, “Down in the Danger Zone” […]

Paul’s 75th Birthday Concerts

Paul close live

My postponed 75th Birthday Celebration Concerts are now confirmed for August 27/28/29, 2021, at Goseck Castle, Germany, and the corresponding London concert is reserved for September 1st […]

“A Little Thunder” songs and reviews


              Listen here some of the songs of Paul’s Album “A LITTLE THUNDER” ! The album features vivid and poetic songs of […]